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A Journey from Scribbles to Salesman.

Hey there, friends, fellow wordsmiths, advisors, supporters, and aspiring literary legends! Let me take you on a ride through the chaotic world of writing and selling. Buckle up because it's one wild journey, and I'm here to spill the beans, share a laugh, and let you in on a secret or two about this incredible adventure.

So, picture this: I've poured my heart and soul into crafting the perfect novel. It's my literary baby, and I'm convinced it's destined to conquer the world. But then reality hits me like a ton of bricks. It turns out there's more to the game than just typing away in my pajamas after I get home from my day job.

First off, there's the info overload. As a newbie author, I've waded through more "how to sell your book" advice than I can shake a quill at. Some of it's gold, some's pure fool's gold, and some just want to snatch my precious writing time like a book-hungry bandit. It's like the Wild West out there for us indie authors, and we're all on a quest for that elusive treasure map.

And oh, the book reviews! The mere thought of asking for reviews feels tawdry! Like, in the same league as a used car salesman dressed in tight polyester pants. But guess what? If I want my story to reach beyond my supportive friends and family, I've had to roll up my sleeves and become a review-hungry detective. I've realized that, like it or not, I'm coming for you, dear readers, with my book in hand.

But fear not! I've dug up some gems of wisdom in the labyrinthine catacombs of Amazon (and beyond). You can actually post reviews on Amazon, even if you didn't snag the book there. Amazon is like the Godzilla of the book-selling world, and its reach is so vast that it practically stretches to the moon and back. So, yes, you can purchase my book from my website and then, with the grace of a literary ninja, leave a review on Amazon. Phew! Crisis averted. I say this because the key to any marketing strategy (as I have come to learn) depends, first and foremost, on acquiring an initial bevy of reviews.

But hold your horses. Amazon isn't the only game in town. There are other places to sprinkle your reviews, like confetti at a bookish parade. Still, Amazon is the place to be if you want your review to be seen by all and sundry. Those mysterious algorithms watch our every move and seem to control the universe – or at least the book world.

So, here's the skinny for all you lovely souls who want to help me out by leaving a review on Amazon, regardless of where you bought it:

1. Fire up your trusty Amazon account.

2. Find my book title ("The Last Independence Day") like you're on a treasure hunt.

3. Click on the star rating (come on, it's a five-star masterpiece, right?).

4. If you're feeling chatty (please do), spill the beans in the Customer Review section.

5. Don't forget the grand finale – click "submit" and voilà!

I know, I know, it might feel a tad awkward to ask for a review. But think of it this way: the epic saga of Jon Freeman's battle to save the nation from dystopia and civil war is like a blockbuster movie – and every review is a standing ovation in the theater of literary dreams.

So, my dear readers, let's join forces, break out our virtual pom-poms, and give indie authors everywhere the push we need to make our books shine. Remember, the pen is mighty, but the review button is mightier! Cheers to the wild adventure of writing versus selling, and may our literary journeys be filled with laughter, inspiration, and a dash of cheeky charm. Happy reading and reviewing!

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Mar 07

Ray, I just finished reading your book The Last Independence Day (A marathon endeavor as I couldn’t put it down.) It is a must read for anyone who believes in the true meaning of “Freedom for all”.

I look forward to the sequel.

Mike C.

Raymond Niblock
Raymond Niblock
Mar 07
Replying to

Mike, thank you so much for your kind words. It pleases me that the point (at least one of them) I, as an author, was trying to make was found! Rest assured, I'm getting busy on the sequel. Thanks again.


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