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Book Talk at Pearl’s Books

On February 29th, I had the pleasure of hosting a "book talk" at Pearl's Books in Fayetteville, marking a memorable evening. Although I'm accustomed to courtroom presentations, this event was a refreshing departure. It's undeniable that I relished every moment! To offer attendees a taste of "The Last Independence Day," I shared select excerpts and devoted the remainder of the time to a Q&A session. The book's themes naturally invite discussion.

I acknowledge the narrative perspective, championed by the protagonist, diverges from the viewpoints of my conservative acquaintances. I also admit that I find it satisfying to see the narrative challenge or even provoke them. Sadly, for my right-wing friends, the IQ points (or will?) to engage in meaningful dialogue about their support for the Orange Man is wanting! It makes me think there is something emotional, even visceral, something unhitched to reason, that feeds their reluctance to engage much less defend their support for the man with reason.

In truth, the greater satisfaction comes from the book's ability to challenge centrists and liberals, aligning with the novel's core intention. The narrative urges the Left, along with independents and moderates, to rally together in unity and resilience against the potential havoc the Orange Man could unleash on the nation. "The Last Independence Day: Secession" merely hints at the potential dangers of right-wing extremism to the United States and its citizens.

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