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It Could Happen Here

As we edge closer to what could be the defining presidential election of our era, the stakes have never been higher. Joe Biden, a figure who might not quicken every pulse, nevertheless maintains a commitment to our democratic principles. This is in stark contrast to Orange Man, who might carry the Republican torch. His promises have not been to uphold but to upheave. His passive stance during the Capitol insurrection was a chilling testament to his willingness to let the very heart of our democracy be besieged.

If you're skeptical about the fragility of our republic, it's time to read my book, "The Last Independence Day," which emerges from this cauldron of what-ifs. What if we sit back as extremism creeps into our everyday reality, unopposed and unchecked? It's a story woven from the threads of possibility and urgency. While fictional, its echoes of prophecy have resonated with many. I invite you to delve into its pages. It's more than just a book; it's a wake-up call to the realities we might face.

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2 comentarios

Dale Parkes
Dale Parkes
15 feb

I read your novel and found it a very interesting read though I obviously have a very different worldview than you and I believe that not all of the scenarios in the novel are realistic for what would happen if true Bible believing Christians did take over and really run things. Even the Puritans did not stone people to death.

If I was part of the tribunal that judged the woman who committed adultery I would not have voted for the death sentence but I would have asked her husband if he was willing to forgive her and take her back. If he said "no" I would have granted him a divorce and she would have been judged at fault…

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Raymond Niblock
Raymond Niblock
07 mar
Contestando a

Dear Dale,

I appreciate your thoughtful comment on my blog. Fiction's beauty lies in its ability to navigate through endless "what if" scenarios. In TLID, I was inspired by the discourse of white Christian nationalists and others on the fringes to envision a reality shaped by their governance.

In this imagined setting, the tribunal's harsh verdict on Mrs. Smith, driven by their biblical interpretations, underscores the dangerous consequences of a fictional Arkansas that abandons federalism and the protective embrace of the Bill of Rights, choosing instead the path of secession. This divergence from our shared values accentuates the theme explored in TLID: the risks inherent when any group imposes its religious beliefs on those who dissent.

To answer your point…

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