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The Last Independence Day. So what's it about?

#TheLastIndependenceDay. It's my debut fiction novel inspired by the "what-if" MAGA's much anticipated "Red Wave" during the 2022 midterm elections would have occured. It goes something like this:

The dissolution of the United States, once considered unthinkable even after the January 6th Capitol coup attempt, now looms as a grim possibility. The following 2022 midterm election ushered in a predicted “Red Wave” that emboldened right-wing legislatures to pass The New Law, casting a dystopian shadow over the nation’s future. With civil war on the horizon, America hurtles toward an Article V Constitutional Convention to avert a bloody conflict.

The protagonist, Jonathan Christian Freeman, is a man caught up in his day-to-day life as a lawyer who is too preoccupied to engage in politics or confront extreme rhetoric. He stood as a passive bystander in the face of an evolving culture war, clinging to the belief that "it could never happen here" until the unthinkable became reality. His naive indifference transforms into seething rage as his homeland succumbs to right-wing extremism, turmoil, the specter of secession, and violence. In his rage, he finds a newfound purpose and resolves to combat the extremist politics tearing the nation apart by actively working to set things right again.

The antagonist, Suzy Brandy "Buckshot" Landers, a right-wing firebrand, emerges as the driving force behind the secession effort and the implementation of The New Law with its draconian consequences.

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