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The road to hell is paved with...

No matter how well-intended a person can be, none of us is perfect. I try, and I wouldn't be the first person who allowed the pursuit of perfection to become the enemy of the good. Nevertheless, in this business, I know more than one writer who cannot get over the hump of "just one more revision" to make it "perfect." In this business, one strives for perfection. It is, actually, an obsession. Editors, beta-readers, proofreaders, well-wishers, and everyone in between who is more than happy to help out are on the hunt for errors! They should be! But alas, mistakes happen, and sure enough, not long after I released "The Last Independence Day: Secession," I discovered a few typos. However, a friend of mine discovered an error so big it might as well have been a booger hanging out of my nose!

Look, y'all, it took me a while to face the music, but I finally mustered the courage to revise the manuscript to correct the errors, and that was a process! My fear was that I'd create more issues than I fixed. Widows, orphans, and the dreaded extra space where an extra space does not belong.

I think I pulled it off—maybe. The result is a better manuscript with the same ISBN number (the revisions were minor for typos and such; otherwise, it would have become a new book and, hence, a new ISBN number).

So, if you are looking for good intentions, you have come to the right place! And without further ado, use the QR Code below if you are looking for a hardcover! IngramSpark has them and can print them on-demand.

Softcovers are slowly winding their way through with the release. Amazon still has a supply of the previous version, but the revised softcovers are slowly getting there on other platforms. For whatever reason, Amazon is the last to get the memo, even with print-on-demand. For other vendors, you can use this link to find a softcover:

Last but not least, if you want to buy the original soft or hardcover versions, I have them available on this website in the store - I made it easy: click on the business below. I'll put the original versions I have left on sale at a big discount before I reorder a supply of the new ones. Bear with me, I have good intentions!

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