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Top 100 on Amazon for Political Fiction Category

“The Last Independence Day: Secession” just reached number 99 out of 100 in the “political fiction” genre on Amazon. It’s pretty exciting news! Even with the news of the new ranking (rankings can change on a daily basis), I also pulled my second one-star review. So, I am making a call to rally the troops for those who liked the story to get out there write a positive review.

The whole project has been a steep learning curve in the creation and publication of the novel, and since I published it, I elicited and expected a variety of opinions, both public and private. Most feedback given has been supportive and constructive, but some has been negative, even mean-spirited. I expected a range of opinions. Some of the negative opinions are deserved, some aren’t. I think it comes with the territory that one should expect a range of even strong opinions when one writes a novel that dives directly into the heart of political controversy.

I take comfort in one thing that stands out: reviews and reactions have not been blasé. Readers, it seems, either love it or hate it. The ones who love it want more, and the ones who hate it not only want to tear it down, but they want to silence it or suggest that a political novel should be “unbiased.” What? It isn’t journalism, folks, it’s fiction!

There isn’t any “in-between” to speak of when it comes to opinions about the book. Perhaps this is because the novel is born from strong opinions. There is nothing milquetoast about the story, the protagonist, the chief villain, any of the political themes involved, or me as the author. I’ll come right out and say it, though. The novel really riled a handful of the conservatives who came across it. It evinces a visceral reaction, even. Perhaps some folks on the right get exercised because the novel takes direct aim at right-wing extremism, something for which I make no apology. What good is fiction, especially political fiction, if it doesn’t depict poignant images or call upon strong opinions?

Thus, the story is not for everyone. So, here’s where I ask for your help if you’re an ally. If 'The Last Independence Day: Secession' left you pondering possibilities of what could lie ahead, if it caused you to think, or if the novel even took you on a journey along with its protagonist, then please consider sharing your thoughts with a review on Amazon. Your feedback (and public review on Amazon, whether you bought it there or not, supports my work and helps other readers discover it. Thank you for being a part of this story's journey. While I haven’t any intentions of quitting my day job any time soon, I can attest with confidence that I’ve never had more fun.

Read on, and thank you for your positive reviews!

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