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Tough Talk and Little PeePees at the Southern Border while "Civil War" Trends on Social Media

This isn't just a post about the chaos at the Southern Border. It's a wake-up call about federalism under fire. The United States is a delicate dance of federal and state powers, but right now, MAGA mania, fueled by Donald Trump and his crew, is daring us to trash the whole system. If there was ever a time to read "The Last Independence Day: Secession," it is now! What began as fiction is eerily and sadly becoming prophetic.

Picture this: Texas thumbing its nose at a federal court order. Then, other 'red' states jump on the bandwagon. Arkansas' governor isn't just fanning the flames; she's already shipped troops to Texas. The result? A powder keg of federal vs. state power that could explode into Americans facing off against each other, all because Texas can't bring itself to play by the rules.

It's serious. Talk of a "Civil War" is buzzing on social media, not as a history lesson but as today's headline. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is stirring the pot, pushing border policies that are forcing asylum seekers into harm's way.

His first move? Tossing lethal razor-wire buoys into the Rio Grande, a horror show that a court slammed as illegal. But does Abbott back down? Nope. He doubles down, getting the Texas National Guard to ramp up the razor wire, forcing the courts to step in and squash this defiance.

But wait, there's more. Abbott commanded a park along the Rio Grande, where a woman and her kids drowned as the Texas National Guard chillingly watched. So much for the pro-life talk from Abbott and his gang of little-peepee grievance politicos.

Even after the Supreme Court's green light to federal agents to tear down the razor wire, Abbott's still at it. He's not alone – 25 Republican governors, including Arkansas' governor, are backing him up, all in the name of fighting the Biden Administration's immigration stance.

So what's their message? If we don't like the policy, let's resort to force of arms. How about sticking to the basics of a democratic republic governed by the rule of law: elections, voting, courts? But no, that seems too mainstream for these hardliners, significantly when former President Trump jumps in, egging on states to send their National Guards to Texas.

Now, with state and federal forces about to be barrel to barrel, the threat of violence is real. We could be on the brink as long as the players ignore the rule of law and the principles governing our federalist government system.

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