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History Repeats Itself: Book Review of Rachel Maddow’s “Prequel.”

I've been working on asking people who have read "The Last Independence Day: Secession" to review it, so it's only fair that I extend the same courtesy to other authors. Oddly, "The Last Independence Day: Secession" is the natural (though fictional, at least for the time being) extension of Rachel's recent historical recount of the rise of fascism in pre-WWII America. If one wants to see our nation avoid what transpires in my fictional account of extremism run amok, then Rachel Maddow's "Prequel" is a must-read because it will help one appreciate the history of fascism in this country going back for nealry a century. Her book is definitely a must-read for those fascinated and concerned by America's history with fascism.

Maddow's historical novel sharply focuses on the anti-American fascists of pre-WWII and the true Americans who opposed them. It's a clear mirror to our current times, echoing the threats posed by 'the Orange Man' and his followers. Maddow doesn't shy away from showing how fascism, disguised in patriotism, can corrupt a nation. However, if you lean right, brace yourself - this book might not be your cup of tea. It's clear from one-star reviews, often lacking substance, that those opposing Maddow's portrayal of American fascism aren't fans. But for those who cherish classical liberal democracy and are worried about the resurgence of extreme right ideologies, "Prequel" offers a resonating, thoughtful perspective. It's a heartening read for those who, like me, are deeply concerned about our nation's future.

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