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It is tempting to let perfection become the enemy of the good, but...

Not this go around. I admit I have perfectionist "tendencies," but I try to keep them in check. My recent decision to change the cover of "The Last Independence Day" exemplifies the internal battle of perfection and endless machinations on what "could be." Luckily, I possessed loads of feedback about the original cover and how it needed to go. Flat out that cover required to GTFO! The motivation was there, so I played around with different concepts for a few weeks and tried to come up with options. I even hired graphic designers ( to help.

I am so glad I did! Once I got a couple of mockups, I shared the best one on social media and received some helpful feedback. Feedback varied, as one might imagine. The font could be different, larger, smaller, more even, less even, the flames higher versus none at all, and so on. I went back and forth with the designers, who helped me to try out different options based on the feedback I received, and finally, I had to decide. I mean, would it ever be perfect? No... Would a big publishing house probably do it differently? Probably! But "perfect" for one person might not be ideal for another, and the longer I struggle with it, the longer the book remains in limbo. You get it!

I like the new cover because it doesn't mince words (or concepts). It is obvious that the book is about secession in the United States, and of course, the Capitol is burning down because of it.

I thank everyone who gave me feedback. While I am sure it could be tweaked further, I finally called it and went with a design.


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