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I'm back from Belize - The sequel to TLID is in the works.

I recently returned from Belize, where I worked on an outline with my developmental editor to get started on the sequel to "The Last Independence Day: Secession." That's a shot of where I stayed in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District, Belize.

The first morning started early, but I was soon at it, aiming to prepare an outline for the sequel. Unlike the first novel, I intend to write the sequel from an outline. I came up with TLID using the alternative "discovery writing" method. In short, I was writing pretty hot because I was so exercised by what I saw becoming of our country that I had to get it out of my system!

Now that I have gotten some of that heat bled off, I am ready to focus on the sequel, which will focus more on the realities white Christian nationalism would foist upon us if we let the Orange Man win the next election. The realities are intricate and dark. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Jon Freeman, Martin, Buckshot Brandy, the Valle Grande, and the slew of characters who made TLID come alive. There will be action! Lots of action!

Meanwhile, there's never any harm with some sun and sea. My friend Gina and I worked from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Then, I'd go back to my hut to catch a nap during the heat of the day. After a nap, we would reconvene at her house in Hopkins and get some more work in before nightfall.

Hopkins is charming in the evening. People are out and about, and the walk back to my place from Gina's always proved to be relaxing after a day of working my brain.

So, more content is on its way. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I'll be checking in to share more tidbits of right-wing mania as it drops into my various feeds.

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